About Us


The event is organised by the Verein (Club) HELVETICMAN, as such, we very much appreciate any support, volunteers or sponsorships.



Peter and Dianna are both accomplished endurance athletes and found the most memorable events were almost always off the beaten track and pretty epic in nature.  They had the most fun and made lasting friendships in multi day races or one day extreme events all over the world.  After gaining over 20 years of racing experience they wanted to design a memorable event that showcased the beauty of Switzerland, the love of the extreme and the joy of creating an atmosphere where everyone feels like they’re part of one big family.  Living a life of adventure they truly understand what’s at the heart of all races:  Camaraderie, passion and good old-fashioned fun.

Over the years Peter has been involved in the organization of several different sporting events from triathlon, adventure races to ultra runs.  Currently, he is president and director of The Crux Ultra Trail Run.  He’s dedicated to providing extraordinary adventures and races to the endurance community.

His racing accomplishments include several podium finishes in 40+ Ironman’s,  two Double Ironman’s, one Triple Ironman, five Extreme Long distance triathlons, adventure races and several mountain and road bike multi day events.  His first Double Ironman was a solo endeavor that he organized and completed by himself with no fanfare, no prizes, and no other competitors.  Peter also enjoys ski touring, hiking, exploration and travel.


Dianna also shares a passion for adventure.  As a USA Cycling and USA Triathlon certified coach she was fortunate to work with athletes of all ages and abilities from first timers to Ironman World Championship qualifiers.  Dianna is dedicated in helping other athletes achieve their goals and is passionate about making this event a truly special experience for everyone.

Her endurance accomplishments include a 3rd and 4th place podium finish in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.  She and Peter placed 5th overall in the 7 day Transalp Cycling Race in the mixed team category.  In the Tour du Mont Blanc, a one day cycling event which covers 330km (205 miles) with 8,000 meters (26,250 feet) of gained elevation, she was the second female in the finish.  She has also competed in several Adventure races including the USARA Adventure Race National Championship along with many multi day road and mountain bike cycling events.

In the organization, she looks also after the marketing of the event.



With Jordi in the team another stable cornerstone is represented.  His calm demeanor is present in all situations.  Although he has running shoes, he claims he’s not an athlete.  He’s been the support crew in many athletic events and never waivers in anticipating exactly where you need him to be.  His goal is to make everything run as smoothly as possible so that everyone can focus on their own pursuits.

His role in the organization is the planning and supervision of logistics, transport and food/aid stations.



Helfer / Volunteers

Jacqueline was born in Winterthur and grew up as the oldest daughter of a successful extreme mountain climber in the eighties. So she was influenced at an early age for the enthusiasm of nature and sports. Many activities, including alpine walking and cycling encourages her love of movement and nature. The venue along with Dianna and Peter’s passion for this project infected her. Experiencing the diversity of nature in the heart of Switzerland and being part of the excitement of it all has motivated her to be part of HELVETICMAN.

She coordinates the organization’s helping hands, deployment plans and outreach around the event. Her experience as an active athlete and volunteer is a great help.




Lee has been actively involved in endurance sports for years.  He loves to sit – on his bicycle. After his own participation in the HELVETICMAN his interest was aroused to contribute to its success.

He coordinates the finish area with all its logistic challenges. He never loses his good mood even in tense situations. The organisation benefits from his knowledge on and off the race courses and new ideas.


Hosting / Food-Catering Management

Christine knows the starting line and as many finishing lines from many races. She is still active as a runner. Although she is now taking it easier on racing, her many years of experience as an active athlete bring added value. She always keeps the overview and directs the action with confidence.

With these prerequisites she coordinates the catering, rooms and accommodation.

Registration / Administration

In Karin’s family, everyone is on the move. That includes her. Her understanding of good preparation in all areas has already helped her in her own family management and career, now she also uses it at the HELVETICMAN.

With Karin on board we have a natural organizer.  She calls for appointments and always stays on the ball. On race day, she directs the registration and pays attention to the many details that helps make a great experience for all.