HELVETICMAN  TRI 113 was born out of the love of adventure.

Our vision is to create an epic triathlon in mid size packaging allowing everyone the opportunity to take your middle distance race to the next level.  We’ve upped the ante of a typical half distance triathlon by adding more vertical feet on the bike and taking the run off road into the serenity of mountain trails.  HELVETICMAN TRI 113 is extreme in nature and is sure to be a challenge but will still allow you to make it home for dinner.  Race times will range between 6 to 10 hours.

HELVETICMAN TRI 113 for Solo and Teams takes you through the central region of Switzerland.

It starts in STANSSTAD where you’ll first swim and then hit the road cycling over mountains to the beautiful Melchsee-Frutt mountain valley.  The ride has three substantial climbs gaining stunning views and almost 3’300m (10’700 ft) of altitude before heading out to the trails. The run adds another 750m (2’460 feet) of elevation and includes the beautiful lakes showcasing a view of Titlis massive with a finish in MELCHEE-FRUTT.  The race is suitable for experienced endurance athletes and may be entered as a solo endeavor or experienced as a team race. HELVETICMAN TRI 113 is more challenging than a typical half distance triathlon.


Two trail runs are offered, one over the halfmarathon distance the other over the full marathon distance.  Both trail runs begin and end at the same place in MELCHSEE-FRUTT. Runners will be given a gondola pass at check in. Trail running sticks are allowed in both running races but not really necessary.
TRAIL 21 is suitable for most trail runners.  Race times will range between 2.5-6 hours.
TRAIL 42 is suitable for experienced trail runners.  Race times will range between 5-9 hours.
There’s very few things better than heading out for a challenging run though a beautiful Swiss mountain pass and letting yourself go!


Racing HELVETICMAN will require grit, resilience and passion.  Adrenaline will be high, the humble beginnings of epic racing alive, and the surroundings surreal.  Come join us for an awesome challenge!